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Updated: May 16, 2019

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I'm really excited today. First, today is the cover reveal of the Paperback Writers' Anthology, releasing on June 11th, and second ... this extraordinary guest post. Sydney is one of the writers contributing to the Anthology.

If you're subscribed to my Monthly Newsletter or are a site member, you know that empowering readers is a mission that I take really seriously. As a writer and entrepreneur, I like to share the other side of the stories you love; the story of the person who writes them. They are people just like us, who were clear about their passion and have a strong commitment with themselves. Real success is leaving a legacy, change lives for the better, empower others to find their purpose and achieve their goals! And these stories really are meant to inspire you to never give up because, you know what? You are worth fighting for.

Thanks, Sydney, for accepting my invitation! I'm sure the readers will love your story! Hey! Be sure to read it all! Sydney has been kind enough to run a giveaway just for you!


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Thank you to MJ for the invitation to guest post on her blog!

My writing journey probably isn’t your typical story. Becoming an author was never really part of the plan. I’ve always been a writer (short stories and songs), but I’d never considered publishing a novel. Never dreamed such a thing was possible.

Then, about ten years ago, I fell in love with fan fiction and began writing like a maniac! I published stories online for a couple years when one of my readers asked if I’d ever considered publishing original fiction. She just happened to be an acquisitions editor for a small publishing house, and they were looking for new authors. I trusted her, so I chose to trust them. I published my first book, Lessons Learned, in 2012. My second book, Mountain Charm, released the next year. After a really wonderful relationship with my publisher, I decided I was ready to self-publish. I created my own publishing imprint, Mountain Media. Since then, I’ve published eight more novels, several short stories, and I’ve been published twice in Chicken Soup for the Soul. I recently signed a publishing contract with Sweet Promise Press, which publishes clean and wholesome novels. I can still self-publish, too, so it’s the best of both worlds!

Have I had a lot of success? I guess that depends on your definition of success. Have I been able to quit my day job? No. Have I hit a list? Nope. Could I sell more books if I stopped writing “sweet” books and wrote more “adult” books instead? Maybe. But my readers share my books with their daughters, their mothers, and their grandmothers. I have readers who have told me how much my book has touched their heart. And, I have a small, but loyal following of readers who one-click me without even reading the book blurb. To know they trust me enough to spend their hard-earned money on my book, without even knowing what it’s about, makes me feel like a successful author.

Sweet Romance books are my favorite kind to read, and that’s what I enjoy writing. I think my characters are relatable—real people with real problems. It’s important to me to write stories about strong women who are adored by the men in their lives, because I don’t think we have enough of that in romance. We have a lot of alpha males who are jerks until the heroine loves the dirtbag out of him, but I prefer to write stories about healthy relationships that go through everyday problems. I want teen girls and women of all ages to know that decent guys do exist, and that it’s okay to demand to be treated with respect from the get-go. And, it’s absolutely okay to be alone until you find someone who will do that.

If I could offer any advice to new authors, it would be this:

-If you self-publish, find a good editor. Not an editor who will tell you you’re amazing and wonderful all the time, but an editor who won’t be afraid to be honest with you. You don’t have to take all their advice, but you should work with them to make your book the best it can be. Because I promise, if the editing is bad, you’ll hear about it in reviews.

-I wish I could say DON’T READ REVIEWS, but let’s be real. You will. We all do. The trick is to ignore the ones that aren’t constructive criticism. Some will be downright mean. Ignore them. Focus on the good advice, enjoy the five-stars, and let the rest roll off your back.

-Don’t worry about what another author is doing. Absolutely network with authors and participate in newsletter swaps and guest blog posts and all those fun things that can help with promotion, but don’t worry about how another author is ranking or what list they’ve hit. Concentrate on you, and your books, and making them the best they can possibly be.

Most importantly, write what you love. You’ll be happier that way. And to me, that’s the definition of success. <3

I currently have two projects in the works! I was invited to contribute to a charity anthology for the World Literacy Foundation. Paperback Writers, an anthology created by Jennifer and Morgan Locklear, is a collection of short stories with a common chord—the music of The Beatles. The anthology includes short stories by the following authors:

Foreword by Sylvain Reynard

Beck Anderson Kris Babe MJ Grace Rumer Haven Shari Ivey Effie Kammenou Jennifer Locklear Morgan Locklear Sydney Logan Melanie Moreland Susan K. Swords Aubree Valentine

Paperback Writers is available for preorder now:

This summer, I will release my second book with Sweet Promise Press. I’m especially excited about it because I’m the lead author of a new series called The Sweethearts of Country Music. The series is about a group of diverse female musicians trying to balance music and love under the bright lights of Nashville. My book, Rissa’s Rebel Heart, will release in September. Follow me on Facebook to stay updated!

Thank you to MJ for having me! To thank her and you, her readers, I’d love to offer a giveaway!

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