Paperback Writers Anthology: Ten Interesting Fun Facts Before You Read Tinderella

Oh, my ... Have we all been waiting to share with you our stories. Paperback Writers is only hours away to go live and our excitement is off the roof! Eleven stories from twelve authors connected by one cord, the timeless music of The Beatles.

The anthology stories are a mixture of Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy, Fantasy, Contemporary Fantasy, Dramatic Romance, Romantic Suspense, and Sweet Contemporary Romance. Paperback Writers is the perfect way to start your summer. Furthermore, when you preorder or buy the anthology, you are making a difference in the lives of children around the world. Yes, you!!! One hundred percent of all proceeds will benefit the World Literacy Foundation. Learn more about this nonprofit organization clicking here. This is writing and reading with not only purpose, but action.

To start the celebration, I thought it'd be a good idea to share with you ten fun facts about my story, Tinderella. This story is very different to what I've published or other stories I've been working on. Apparently, I am good writing a romantic comedy! I'm so glad it's having such great reviews from readers who received advanced copies of the anthology.

So ... Are you ready??? Good, because ready or not, here I go. ;)


1. One of my references to write Tinderella was Cinderella's online story for children. Yup! You read well.

2. References about places in Montreal mentioned in the story are real. You can google them. To calculate the distance between our heroines apartment and her work's place, I used google maps.

3. I have no idea of how Tinder works! I had to interview people who are familiar with the site. When I asked for help to know how Tinder worked on Facebook, my friends thought I was looking for a date. They were super worried I'd open an account on a site that is famous for being used for hookups! That was funny.

4. Tinderella is my first story written in third person. However, it didn't start that way. The original outline of the story changed as the characters were more vocal and took control over the story. My narrator convinced me to give her a chance. Her fate is in your hands. ;)

5. Speaking of my narrator, she's insane. I had so much fun writing her... One day I just asked myself, what my story is narrated by a character who, a) is a woman, and b) could attempt to match the level of snark of Sylvain Reynard's Snarky Narrator? And there she was, with her own identity and sass. How does she call herself? You have to read the story! :)

6. Henry ... I won't give too many details about Henry but I will tell you this. Yes, the name is after Henry Cavill. Writing is a process that I can share with my daughter when she has time. She's in college and she has a part-time job, but she had the time to read most of the story as I was writing it. Like I said earlier, my characters were very vocal and took over the story the way they wanted. My daughter read about Henry and her reaction was hilarious. I couldn't stop laughing at her, as she could never stop praying Henry never read this story. Why? The only way to find out is reading the story!

7. Cinderella is not the only Disney princess inspiring a character in the story. There are two more Disney Princesses. Who will they be? By the way, the "princesses" created their own hashtag, which they use every time they post their photos on social media.

8. Tinderella is a romantic comedy. There is romance in the air between our protagonists but you'll notice there's a third wheel in the story. It was premeditated. It was essential for me to create that humorous atmosphere I was looking for.

9. There's one Beatles song mentioned in the story, which beat is used by our protagonist while speaking to one of the villains in the story. I hummed and sing to myself the words Tinderella used instead of the lyrics to make sure it worked out.

10. Tinderella is a romantic comedy inspired in a Disney story but don't get it wrong! She is incredibly clumsy when she's in trouble, but she is strong and brave. Tinderella is a symbol of women empowerment. There are also references to some products of my online store. Courage, intelligence, kindness, and empathy are only a few character traits that are celebrated in my store and I wanted that positive and powerful energy to be present in the story.

Did you add Paperback Writers to your TBR on Goodreads? Do it now and, please, if you like the story, leave a review! There's no better way to say thank you to an author than a review.

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Can't wait to hear from you! Happy week and happy reading!

Your biggest fan,

MJ Grace

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