My Next Writing Project: Paperback Writers Announcement

Hello, Everyone!

I'm thrilled to share this exciting news with all of you.

This is the official announcement of the Paperback Writers, an anthology that will be released on June, this year. I can't feel any prouder to be one of the authors invited to join these incredibly amazing authors for a good cause.

Add it to your TBR today!

Short stories that all share a chord:

Locklear Books is proud to announce the release of Paperback Writers, an anthology of short stories by some of today’s most exciting authors. The collection will be released on June 11th, 2019, and 100% of all proceeds will benefit the World Literacy Foundation.

Participating authors include Beck Anderson, Kris Babe, MJ Grace, Rumer Haven, Shari Ivey, Effie Kammenou, Morgan and Jennifer Locklear, Sydney Logan, Melanie Moreland, Tara Severance, Susan K. Swords, and Aubree Valentine. Sylvain Reynard will write the foreword.

The genres will vary, as will the time periods, and the styles, but each story will touch upon the Beatles at some point. Some mentions will be in passing, while some will be integral plot points. All will delight and inspire.

The Goodreads link is live already and we hope you will take a moment to add this summer special read to your TBR list. Thank you.

To add it to your TBR, just click on the Goodreads link:

Stay tuned! You don't want to miss this great summer read!

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