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Hope you're enjoying a good week so far. After the day we all had yesterday with the heartbreaking news about the fire in the Cathedral of Notre Dame, Paris, we need words filled with positivism and inspiration. Here is where our special guest comes into play.

Her story is uplifting, like the rest of the stories of the authors who have taken over my site. They let us into their lives, sharing their journey to become a published author. They all are a testimony of perseverance, resiliency, and determination.

Talent isn't enough. No matter if your passion is writing or anything else, those character traits will help you get to your destination. And as much as we need to ask ourselves where do we want to be in one, two, five, or ten years, never forget that the fun part is your journey. This is where the magic happens.

Notre Dame will be rebuilt as we keep rebuilding ourselves throughout our lives. No matter what place do you find yourself right now, trust me when I say you too can start from zero and rebuilt or make a change. Your success will be even more satisfying.

Now, let me introduce you to my dear friend, Sydney Jamesson! Thanks so much for accepting my invitation, Sydney!


MJ, xoxo

Hi everyone!

Let me start by thanking you, MJ, for the invitation and allowing me to share my thoughts, my books and for giving new and ‘old’ readers an insight in to my world. It’s my good fortune to be part of a strong group of women who know what it is to put thoughtfulness and kindness at the center of everything we do.  It’s reassuring to know that we can connect with like-minded people at the touch of a button.

Thank you for being so gracious and uplifting, MJ. ♥

Now, consider how many times we’ve been told, “Everyone has a book inside them…” Too many times, I bet!

Surprisingly, that has always been the case for me, maybe not books per se but an array of writing forms: adverts, leaflets, commercials, magazine articles, etc. When I was a copywriter and commercial journalist, I had to be very creative and, even though the hours were long, I loved it!

When we decided to start a family, I put my career on hold and then side-stepped into teaching almost a quarter of a century ago. Now I help teenagers discover and develop their creative talents. I enjoy my job, but I love to write—it’s my passion.

Over twenty years ago while my small daughter catnapped, bolognaise sauce burned, and my soul mate snored, I would tap, tap, tap away on a sluggish PC. It was during that time I wrote the love story which was to become The Story Of Us.

Six years ago, I brushed off the cobwebs, reworked it and set about self-publishing it as a trilogy. The catalyst was Sylvain Reynard’s wonderful books narrating Gabriel Emerson’s and Julianne Mitchell’s love affair. I read Gabriel’s Inferno and regarded it as the best book I’d ever read; that skilled distillation of romance, literature, music and suspense was the lifeblood that inspired me to raise my story from the dead.

When I’m asked what The Story Of Us is about, I describe it as a fairy-tale for grown-ups, a rags-to-riches tale like Sleeping Beauty with monsters lurking around every corner and the prospect of being rescued by Prince Charming only a wish away. True to the genre, lonely school teacher Elizabeth Parker’s wish comes true and she embarks upon a journey of sexual awakening and self-discovery with the man of her dreams, only after he awakes her with a kiss, of course.

As you would expect, their relationship is tested to its limits and, when the combined might of heaven and earth tries to keep them apart, the power of true love magically finds a way to keep them together. It’s an epic read that became so popular I extended it to include the Into the Blue Series. If you like the sound of it, I’ll leave the links below for you to check it out.

Recently, I’ve been drawn to more complex stories, psychological thrillers involving dark secrets and suspense with a love story at the heart of them—something I would enjoy reading myself or watching on the big screen. The Darkest Corners was an interesting exercise in putting in clues and pulling back on revelations—building to an intense conclusion. Similar, in some ways, to a romance novel, only with more clothes, less kissing and the promise of a shocking climax!  

These days, like many authors who have a professional life as well as being part-time authors, time is in short supply. After having published seven books, the writing process is easier but getting any book ‘out-there’ is as hard as it has ever been. Competition is fierce. 

My advice to new writers thinking of self-publishing ... get to know your market and other writers. Put money aside, enough to enable you to polish your product: get it beta read, proofread and edited, invest in a professionally designed cover and be prepared to spend money on marketing and promotion. The last thing you want after working hard to create your book baby is for it to become lost in the melee of new releases as they compete for the attention of discerning readers.

Also, don’t fall into the trap of following a trend; write about what matters to you, what moves you.

Good writers don’t follow, they lead by writing from the heart.


These days, I find myself reaching the point in my writing career when I can allow characters to take on a life of their own. I love it when that happens, and so will you. They find their voices and sometimes it's more a case of channeling voices than actually following a predetermined plot—expect the unexpected! That’s when you know you've created a living, breathing story and characters readers will be able to connect with, or even identify with.


I believe that’s what reading is all about; picking up of a book, scanning the first chapter, taking a leap of faith and diving in. By doing just that, we are reminded that we’re not alone: we're a community of readers and writers but, more than that, we are connected by our humanity, our need to belong and our belief that, ultimately, the light will pierce the darkness and love will prevail. 

My evolution from romance to psychological suspense has been a natural process, it’s the beginning of a new adventure into the darker aspects of human nature with the promise of enlightenment, in the form of selflessness, justice and redemption.

Who knows where those unexpected twists and turns will take me—take us? 

Happy reading ... and writing!

Thank you, M.J, for the invitation. Long may our friendship continue. 

Much love, Sydney


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The Darkest Corners: Psychological, Romance, Suspense

This standalone novel is not a romance. It is psychological suspense with a complex love story woven through it. Expect lots of angst, emotional scenes and edge of your seat suspense as a single father and a troubled young woman confront their deepest, darkest fears together.





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