Alive’s Playlist: A Powerful Message of Courage and New Beginnings

As mentioned in my previous post, the female lead of #Alive is a domestic abuse survivor. I won’t give spoilers, but I will tell you that she’ll have to make a decision that will either change her life or keep her living in the darkness. She can choose to merely exist, like a tree that has no choice but to endure the tempestuous weather, or she can choose to finally break free to find her purpose and happiness.

Her path to self-discovery will not be easy. It’s frightening and filled with uncertainty. Trials will constantly make her doubt her decisions, and the temptation to give up will be a relentless voice whispering in her ear. Giving up is easy! You don’t have to do absolutely anything, but it’s extremely painful, dangerous, and deceiving. Choosing to give up is to give power to someone or something else to control you.

It takes courage to make a decision that will change your life radically. My heroine will have to choose between living with the fear of leaving everything behind and start from zero, or the fear of living the rest of her life as it is, without a voice and identity. Both options are equally scary for her. The only difference is that one of them leads to hope while the other keeps her existence bound to despair.

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On a poll in my Twitter account, I asked followers if they thought that a victim of domestic violence can overcome the trauma they were subject to if the right help and support were provided. The final results showed that 59% of participants thought it was possible, 30% thought that not everyone could do it, and 11% weren’t sure if they can or not overcome such trauma. I have to say that I agree with an 89% of the participants. In my opinion, trauma can be overcome with the right help and support (59%.) However, if a victim finds themselves unable to identify the warning signs of abuse ( most likely, their current situation won’t change. They might find themselves being part of the 30%, thinking that all relationships have ups and downs to justify the abuser's actions while assuming the blame of their reactions. Others in this group might be the ones who find themselves desperate, lonely and incapable of doing something for not knowing what to do or where to seek help due to lack of support.

From the victim's perspective, there isn't an easy answer. There are many factors to consider. Domestic abuse is more common than it should be and the right help, support, and education are needed. For more information, please, access The National Domestic Violence Hotline page,

In #Alive, our heroine has an important decision to make. Will she be part of the 59%, the 30%, or trapped forever in the 11%? Will she understand that she’s worth it and will listen if someone tells her looking in her eyes “there are no Scars to Your Beautiful”? Will she decide to stop collecting tears and leave despair behind if she understands that she is Invincible? Will she start believing in herself and fighting to find happiness once she realizes that what doesn’t kill you makes you Stronger? Will she have the courage to look at herself in the mirror, even when she feels as fragile as an Angel de Cristal (Glass Angel)? Will she believe in hope After the Storm and trust that there is a kind of love that is not destructive? All these answers will be revealed in Alive! These songs are part of the #AlivePlaylist and have a powerful and inspiring message that reminds us to kindly love and believe in ourselves, to see the beauty within, and to realize how strong and brave a Survivor can be. You can see the full list and videos on the Top 10 section.

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