Alive's Excerpt

My Dear Heroes,

Last Friday, I had the privilege to participate in my first author event. The event was organized by a dear friend and author, Arcanum Corvus. This talented author outdid himself organizing a yearly online event known as Masquerade in the City. Many authors accepted the invitation of our mysterious author, including a few gifted authors like Jennifer Locklear, Susan K. Swords, Nancee Cain, and the NYT and USA Today best-selling author, Sylvain Reynard.

I ran a poll on Facebook to see what did readers chose between a blurb or an excerpt.

They spoke, and I oblige. ;) In fact, I think they chose the best option. I love to please the people who cheer me up with their kind words of support and encouragement.

So, here it is! An unedited excerpt from Alive. Enjoy!

Thank you for being part of my journey.



Alive's Excerpt


“Tell me, Ali. What brings you to my office today?

What brings me here today? My teary eyes flee from Diana’s inquisitive stare to a safer place, the book laying in my hands.

This is the reason why I am here.

My lifeline.

My mouth is dry. My throat is tightening slowly, and I find myself with a sudden difficulty to breathe. Before thinking it twice, words that only have inhabited my mind until now blurt out of my mouth.

“I’m here because I want to know if my marriage isn’t working for my inability to keep my husband happy and satisfied. I want to know if there’s something wrong with the way he treats me or if it’s my mind playing tricks to me. I need to know if I’m the only one to blame for our failure.”

My heart beats fast, skipping a few beats and looking for a way out through my throat. My body is getting warmer, especially my face, which probably is crimson red at this moment. The palm of my hands are sweaty and I rub them against my jeans to dry them off.

It’s too hot in here.

I look back at Diana, whose eyes are an ocean of tranquility. There is no judgment or pity in them. She smiles and her kind eyes look at me with sympathy and understanding. For some reason, I think she knew my answer before I even spoke.

“I see… Why don’t we find out together, Ali? Tell me your story.”

And with that simple request, for the first time in ten years, I found myself letting a stranger into the painful and darkest part of me. The one crying desperately for help, forgiveness, and redemption.

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