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For whatever we lose (like a you or a me

Recently, as a Christmas gift, I shared on Wattpad my first published novelette, From the Other Side. This story was written for a very special publication made possible by a fanfic writers group who named this project Babies at the Border. All proceeds, which were donations made directly to designated non-profit organizations, were meant to reunite immigrant children who were separated from their parents. For me, this issue goes beyond any political party. For me, is about human rights. In my humble opinion, no child (no matter their origin) should be teared away from their parents. No parent or child should live that experience.

My protagonist is a Mexican young lady who has a terrible past and looks at death as a merciful act to end her meaningless life. She lost hope and faith, but a secondary and beautiful character will help her in a journey through the valleys of second chances to find hope again. You have no idea how much in love I fell with these two characters... It was meant to be a short story. A collaboration for a common good. But I can't let it end that way. María Fernanda already showed me what has happened to her and I can't keep that to myself.

I am working on another short story for another non-profit organization, to then finish what will be my first published novel, Alive, but right after that, I'm coming back to Marife's story. 

I invite you to read what will now is the prequel of what it'll be my second novel, From the Other Side. When you find your purpose fulfilled woven in the words you share is priceless. Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it. 

Hope you all have a great week!

Your greatest fan,