BeKind2Yourself Zazzle Store

From now on, we will celebrate our beauty every single day.

I am grateful and excited to find another way to connect with you and be closer to you. This new project has allowed me to be there to support you, reminding you how BeaYOUtiful, strong, and powerful you are. This is what my writing is about. 

Hello, Gorgeous!


Today is a new beginning filled with hope, excitement, and empowerment. I am thrilled to share the opening of my online store inspired by You, BeKind2Yourself. During my life, I've been fortunate to have met incredible women who truly are an inspiration. Ordinary women accomplishing the extraordinary; making this world a better place with their kindness, empathy, charity, compassion, strength, determination, and courage. For some, these traits are nothing extraordinary but the truth is that heroes don't always wear a cap, and women like you make a difference, even when faced with constant and hard challenges. Even overwhelmed with all their responsibilities at work and at home, these women work hard to leave a legacy for future generations.


If that's not a hero I don't know what it is. 


It's been my experience when life gives you lemons, all the sourness can almost choke you. Almost. We are resilient and so much stronger than we credit ourselves. Our resilience, boldness, and bravery, embellished with acts of kindness, make us uniquely beautiful human beings. True beauty. The kind of beauty that lasts forever, even after we're no longer in this world.


We all have our stories, and I can tell you proudly and with no shame, I've touched rock bottom. I did. Why do I say I feel proud? Because I'm not there anymore. If I did it, believe me, you definitely can do it, too. I am rising, and those who know me well know that if I rise, I don't rise alone. Together we're stronger, and together we can create a chain effect that helps rise others who need it.


Hold my hand.


Let me remind you with messages crafted with all my love that we are more than enough. Let me remind you that we are the change we've been waiting for all our lives! We have always been the answer to the changes needed to spread light into the darkness. If you feel alone, or just need someone to cheer you up, let my words be with you. I can't be physically present, but some of the things I'd probably say to you are expressed in my products.


I'm in love with these collections and I really hope you'll love them too. There are seven collections available: Be Kind for Babies Collection, BeKind2Yourself, Love Yourself First, The Power Within, BK2YS (store brand,) You are Meant for Greatness, and Keep Being BeaYOUtiful. Twenty percent of my proceeds from sales from the BK2YS store brand will be donated to Women in Distress of Broward County, helping domestic violence survivors. I plan to be more involved as the store keeps growing, but for now, be sure that you're not only buying a product you like, you are also helping this non-profit organization.

























Everything in this project has a purpose meant to make a difference. The difference I've been waiting for. 


Please, visit the store! Check my collections, follow the store on the Zazzle website and on Facebook. There will be Pinterest and Instagram accounts coming soon. Share it with others! Word of mouth is so important. I am confident you'll have a great experience. Why?


High-quality products delivered worldwide. Excellent tracking services and great packaging.

Your shipping can be free if you choose one of two options at very affordable fees, starting at $9.99/Year!

Plus sizes are available. This was a huge deal for me.

BeKind2Yourself Zazzle Store will serve you through empowering and positive words that build self-confidence and self-love. That is my mission.

Your biggest fan,

MJ, xoxo

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