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My name is MJ and I'm a new author and entrepreneur who has found her purpose in being a positive influence empowering women of all ages through my stories and a very special project that I'll be able to share with you very soon! 


I firmly believe that we all are meant for greatness, that everything is possible, and that each of us has a unique gift to share with the world; a gift that no one else has.


Your biggest fan!




About Me

Coffee, beach lover, and proud Latina living in South Florida for the past 14 years, always keeping her country, Puerto Rico, close to her heart. Author of From the Other Side, available on Wattpad, which writing style has been described as poetic. My most recent work is a collaboration for an anthology which 100% of proceeds will benefit the World Literacy Foundation, Paperback Writers. My story, Tinderella, is a romantic comedy; a modern retelling of one of my favorite fairy tales ever with a humorous twist, which highlights women empowerment. 


My next project is my debut novel Alive, a women's fiction contemporary romance inspired by the brave women who represent the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements which hopefully will be released by the end of the year. 

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I offer you heartfelt stories, inspired in themes I feel deeply passionate about like love, the beauty of character, women empowerment, hope, second chances, and redemption. You won't only find news about my writing, but also guest posts from beloved and talented authors, interviews, inspiring posts, and much more!

I firmly believe we all are meant for greatness, that we can change the world, and that together we are stronger. However, our strength lies in our uniqueness and that fact fascinates me. I'm surrounded by so many inspiring and fierce people, I can only say ... I am your biggest fan.

Never forget to #KeepBeingBeautiful and to #BeKind2Yourself.


All my love and best wishes for a spectacular 2019,

MJ Grace